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Lovely scents abound in everything The Soap Fairy makes...handcrafted soaps and bath salts, balms and lotions...all natural, all crafted by hand... to appeal to the eye and the fingertips, just as they do to the nose.

Fragrant beauty flourishes in every product The Soap Fairy offers. They're all made from scratch, from the highest-quality ingredients available—food grade oils, natural herbal essential oils, luxuriant floral essences. We never use off-the-shelf compounds, bases or additives. And because we're vegetarians, all of our products are animal-friendly and never contain animal fats.

Painstaking care distinguishes everything we do, because we do it all by hand—from mixing and blending our vegetable oils and butters, to curing and packaging. We want our soaps, lotions, and other products to be among the finest available anywhere, at any price. We want you to feel pampered while using them...and thrilled by their soothing, smoothing effect on your skin.


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handcrafted soap is our specialty handcrafted soap is what we do best. handcrafted soap is here. Handmade soap by TheSoap Fair. Our handmade soap is the best. All our soaps are made with shea butter, therefore they are shea butter soap. Shea butter soap is gentle to the skin. Shea butter soap! We also make sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are a great exfoliant Check them out sugar scrub All our natural soaps are vegetarian soap. Vegetarian soap is perferred by cows. We are vegetarian, so we only make vegetarian soap. All soap is not handmade soap. Handmade soap is made by hand from scratch. Our mineral baths go great with our natural soap. Te Soap Fairy mineral baths are all natural. So is our natural soap. Try our mineral bathsbe sure to get some of our natural soap m





ade with pure shea butter soap.