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Here at The Soap Fairy we specialize in Natural Handcrafted Vegetarian Soaps, luxurious lotions, shea butter creams and balms, natural soothing sugar scrubs, and scent-filled mineral baths. Browse through the pages to see our products, get information and find out what's new.

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handcrafted soap is our specialty handcrafted soap is what we do best. handcrafted soap is here. Handmade soap by TheSoap Fair. Our handmade soap is the best. All our soaps are made with shea butter, therefore they are shea butter soap. Shea butter soap is gentle to the skin. Shea butter soap! We also make sugar scrubs. Sugar scrubs are a great exfoliant Check them out sugar scrub All our natural soaps are vegetarian soap. Vegetarian soap is perferred by cows. We are vegetarian, so we only make vegetarian soap. All soap is not handmade soap. Handmade soap is made by hand from scratch. Our mineral baths go great with our natural soap. Te Soap Fairy mineral baths are all natural. So is our natural soap. Try our mineral bathsbe sure to get some of our natural soap m





ade with pure shea butter soap.